Why work with CozChemIx?

CozChemIx is David Cosgrove, a chemistry software developer with nearly 30 years experience of developing methods and tools for use by drug designers working in pharmaceutical research. He has a degree in Chemistry, an MPhil in cheminformatics and a PhD in computational chemistry. He has authored or co-authored many papers in the field and presented work at conferences and user-group meetings. He contributes to the RDKit open-source cheminformatics software project and has "open-sourced" substantial programs written using the OpenEye and RDKit cheminformatics toolkits.

David has a proven track record in providing innovative software tools that enable scientists to concentrate on what they want to do, not how they get the software to do it.

Areas of Expertise



Operating Systems

Various flavours of Unix, most recently Ubuntu and RedHat linux distros.


A cheminformatics toolkit is a cheminformatics toolkit, and a programming language is a programming language. David can quickly pick up and work with new toolkits and languages as required. For example, he recently built a system using the CCDC's Python API to the CSD starting from zero knowledge of the API. It took a couple of days to get up to speed with the capabilities and architecture, but even during that time progress was made.